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To teach yourself the art of attention and presence is both a difficult and beautiful undertaking. The habits of inattention and absence are strong, yet the experience of life, moment by moment, is precious. – Jeffrey Brantley

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A New Challenge

November 1, 2021

July 20th I was officially diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. It still feels weird to say out loud. No one in my family is...

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Gratitude Day 8: A Real Super Hero

November 12, 2020

Gratitude Day 8 Question: What have others done that you are benefiting from in your life (even if you don't know who those people are)?...

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Gratitude Day 7: Openness

November 10, 2020

Gratitude Question #7: What's an aspect of your personality you are grateful for? When I saw this question I was reminded how hard it is...

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