Gratitude Day 8: A Real Super Hero

Gratitude Day 8 Question: What have others done that you are benefiting from in your life (even if you don’t know who those people are)? It being Veterans Day the first people that come to mind are the military, the soldiers who have served and are serving our country. There is one veteran whom I am thankful I got to

Gratitude Day 7: Openness

Gratitude Question #7: What’s an aspect of your personality you are grateful for? When I saw this question I was reminded how hard it is to praise yourself and also how important it is. I encourage you to to answer this question for yourself. I would say that I am grateful for openness. According to Psychology Today, “openness to experience,

Gratitude Day 6: My Oracle

Gratitude Day 6 Question: Who is a teacher or mentor whose wise advice you still “channel?” Sue Magish, a.k.a. Oracle, a.k.a. The Old One, has been a teacher and mentor to me in so many ways. She is an inspirational teacher, mother, and friend. Sue is tough. She has been through hell and back and keeps going. Sue is smart.

Gratitude day 4: Super Dog

Gratitude Day 4: Who in your life provides small, friendly interactions that brighten your mood whenever you see them? Liberty (a.k.a. Libby) puts a smile on my face. Whenever I need a break from work she’s always happy to go for a walk or cuddle. She is super smart and knows how to use her cuteness to obtain treats from

Gratitude Day 3: Smart Connection

Gratitude Day 3: What’s a type of technology that really makes your life easier? My smart phone is one thing I am thankful for because it connects me to people and information. We can video chat with my mom in Canada. I can take pictures and video at any time. Listening to books on Audible inspires me. Between music and

Gratitude Day 2: Ring It In

Gratitude question #2: What’s an item you own that gives you a sense of comfort? Well, the first thing that popped into my head as I stared at my hand holding this card was my rings. I wear the same four rings almost every day. My wedding ring gives me comfort because it reminds me of my love for my

Gratitude Day 1: Come celebrate. Life is hard.

Gratitude Question: What is there about the challenges/ difficulties you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) that you can be thankful for? What have you learned? How have you grown? When I see this question I think of the song, Life is Hard by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The lyrics state, “Come celebrate. Life is Hard” Why celebrate

Choose JOY

I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it.! All year I have been working on a JOY card deck. Now, I get to hold it in my hands and so can you! I started the Gift of Present Shop and happy to share my creation with the world. There are four categories with 25 cards each designed to promote a