Choose JOY

I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it.! All year I have been working on a JOY card deck. Now, I get to hold it in my hands and so can you! I started the Gift of Present Shop and happy to share my creation with the world. There are four categories with 25 cards each designed to promote a positive mindset and defeat stress. mindful movement is filled with ideas to get going from dancing to yoga. Each gratitude card has one affirmation and one reflective question to help you explore what you are grateful for. The creativity cards contain unique and fun activities to exercise those creative muscles. Each kindness card has one thought provoking quote and one kind act for you to complete. We can all use a bit of joy during the 2020 pandemic. COVID has challenged our mental and physical strength. My hope is that this deck helps raise everyone’s spirits. Each deck is sold separately.

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