Gratitude Day 7: Openness

Gratitude Question #7: What’s an aspect of your personality you are grateful for?

When I saw this question I was reminded how hard it is to praise yourself and also how important it is. I encourage you to to answer this question for yourself.

I would say that I am grateful for openness. According to Psychology Today, “openness to experience, or simply openness, is a basic personality trait denoting receptivity to new ideas and new experiences.”

I have read that a great deal of your personality is genetic. So if that is accurate then I think that this part of my personality I probably have my dad to thank. Openness is a huge part of his personality. He taught me the value of learning and open to trying new things. I am still learning and loving it. I love meeting new people and learning about their experiences. Wes and I are trying an unconventional school for our son. It’s probably important to mention that as a Taurus I can be pretty stubborn. I think this trait can mesh well with openness. In some cases I am so stubborn that I refuse to conform to certain norms. Openness has helped me build better relationships and have meaningful experiences.

“Being open to experience is associated with creativity, curiosity, and a hunger for knowledge and learning. People high in this trait are also divergent and abstract thinkers, they are able to come up with multiple novel solutions to a difficult problem.” – Psychology Today

Affirmation: Everyone is precious and unique, including myself.

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